BAM Records is a collaboration between a group of old friends and Electronic Music lovers.

The concept behind BAM is to provide a platform for artist and friends, not necessarily focused on a particular style but on quality and innovation.


BAM will mainly focus on the field between



Where by it`s sub FRACTAL AUDIO MACHINERY RECORDINGS will cater the TWILIGHT and DARK PSY corner.


However that doesn`t mean that we are not open for anything else what is good and has substance. 

The People behind BAM/FAM Records are:


Dustin Henze - A&R for BAM International


Stefan Greiner - A&R for BAM south Germany/International


Stephan Seemann - A&R for BAM north Germany/International


Glenn Van der Elst & Tino Baele - A&R for BAM Belgium/International


Bartolomäus Kalka - A&R for BAM Swiss/International


Thomas David - PR and Administration